Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai: Earlier this serial was very behind in TRP, then suddenly how did it become a hit?

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai: Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai is a show that people liked a lot, but now after years Satish Shah revealed something that people didn’t know till today. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is a cult show in the world of TV, Which was so liked that it got a second season too and got a lot of love. But did you know that Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was eliminated due to lack of TRP.

Recently, in an interview, Satish Shah himself has made this big revelation related to the show. In this show he played the role of Indravadan Sarabhai and this character also got a lot of love. According to Satish Shah, the show didn’t get any TRPs when it started and that’s why it was axed.

First it didn’t get TRP

But then when people saw it, appreciated it and then started talking about it, the popularity it got, its graph soared that till date no one has been able to touch it. Its popularity resulted in its second season airing on OTT years later. People also showered a lot of love on this series of few episodes.

Along with this, Satish Shah also stated that the show was never made with the middle class in mind. Instead it was intended only for an elite audience. The special thing was that there was a lot of sarcasm on people of the same class.

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Satish Shah was happy after hearing the role

When Satish Shah got the offer of Indravadan Sarabhai, he was very happy as he felt the character was similar to him. In real life, Satish Shah is similar to Indravadan Sarabhai. Apart from him, the show featured Ratna Pathak, Rupali Ganguly, Sumit Raghavan and Rajesh Kumar in lead roles.

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