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72 Hoorain Review: The film shows a mirror to those who spread terror in the name of religion 72 Hoorain

72 Hoorain Review: After The Kerala Story, the much discussed movie 72 Hoorain has been released. They were ensnaring people in the name of religion and by showing dreams of 72 Hoorain i.e. going to heaven and meeting beautiful girls, they were working in the trap of terrorism, after which terrorist attacks were carried out on India through the same people. However, the film claims that all the countrymen are witnesses to the antics. National award winning film director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s film ’72 Hoorain’ has worked to show a mirror to those people who used to incite people in the name of religion and wrongly brainwash them into terrorist activities. So let’s know what is in this story.

What is the story of 72 Hoorain?

The whole story revolves around Hakeem i.e. Pawan Malhotra and Saqib Aamir Bashir, the film starts with Hakeem hanging on the arm of America’s Statue of Liberty. In which two middle-aged Jannats and 72 Hoorain come to India from Pakistan on the words of Maulana. On the one hand, the hideous appearance of a ruler who talks about religion and Jihad reveals the reality that neither his intention was ripe nor his destiny. These two suicide bombers bombed the Gateway of India in Mumbai in the name of Allah and killed a large number of people.

Hakeem and Saqib’s journey to get 72 Hoorain begins after death. Do their souls reach Jannat, do they get 72 Hoorain, do the angels of Allah come to get these terrorists as preached by Maulvi, you have to watch 72 Hoorain in theaters to know.

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Writing and directing

While watching the film it is clear that a lot of research and effort has been put in by the writer and director to make this film. Written by Anil Pandey, care has been taken not to hurt the sentiments of any religion through this story, but people who mislead in the name of fellow religion should learn a good lesson from this film. Director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan has told some things about those who brainwash the innocent in the film, which you will be surprised to see. Terrific screen play and effective dialogues keep the film interesting till the last minute. The director has presented a sensitive subject with responsibility and seriousness.

How is film acting?

Pawan Malhotra and Aamir Bashir are seen in the role of terrorists in this film. Both started their careers in theatre. Perhaps this is the reason why both of them have been completely successful in connecting with the audience during the film on the strength of their acting. From pride of religion to facing heart-wrenching truths, the body language and expressions and transformations of these two characters have been handled well by both of them.

Cinematography and Technical Views

The film is presented in a mostly monochromatic style, with only colors and VFX used where necessary. Otherwise, most films can only be viewed in black and white. Camera angles and picturisation are quite accurate except for a few spots. It is said that making the film effective is in the hands of the editor and in 72 Hoorain the editor has done his job like a hero, due to which the film is very crisp. The background score of the film could have been more effective.

Why should you watch this movie?

The film presents a lesson to all those caught in the trap of ‘joining Jihad and becoming a special servant of Allah’. Killing innocents does not lead to heaven, neither does Hoor as no religion teaches people to hate, does not condone those who spread hatred, this movie is a must watch for this strong message.

Defects in the film

The film is effective, but the youth for whom the film is intended may find the black and white style of the film boring. If you are looking to watch this movie for entertainment purposes, then this movie is not for you.

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