Satya Completes 25 Years, Did you know Ram Gopal Varma was told not to make a movie on underworld after

Satya Completes 25 Years: The movie ‘Satya’ has completed a wonderful journey of 25 years. Even today there are discussions about this film. The acting of the star cast of the film is also being praised a lot. Ram Gopal Varma’s film was well liked.

Director Ramgopal Varma’s film ‘Satya’ is considered a classic and cult film. Today marks 25 years since the release of the film Satya. Even after 25 years, the film Satya tops the list of people’s favorite films. The film also boosted the career of Manoj Bajpayee, whose flight took his career to a special place. Even a great film like Satya started proving to be a flop in theaters as soon as it was released. Only 20-30 people turned up in the theaters to watch the film Satya, released on 3 July 1998.

When a great film gets this kind of response, the makers start getting worried. But within few days the film became a hit with word of mouth publicity and later became history. The film also changed the trend of romantic films in Bollywood and showed such a world of underworld that left people stunned. Later this film proved to be a superhit and created history.

Manoj’s acting skills touched people’s hearts

Starring Manoj Bajpayee, Saifali Shah, JD Chakraborty, Saurabh Shukla, Paresh Rawal and Urmila Matondkar, the film is considered a classic film today. It was the film Satya that made Manoj Bajpayee a star. Along with this, people’s hearts were touched by Manoj’s acting skills through this film. After this film, Manoj Bajpayee’s career also started touching the peaks of success. Actor JD Chakraborty, who plays the lead role of Satya in the film, has also given an interview to a media on the completion of 25 years of the film.

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Recently, during an interview, Manoj Bajpayee talked about his attire and said that now things have become very organized. Like costume design and everything else. According to the actor, the film’s director Ram Gopal asked him to go to the production person and get the money. He took the money and went and bought 20 shirts. He wanted colorful and glittery. Due to which his outfit was ready for 20 thousand rupees.

Shefali wore a used saree

After seeing Manoj’s suit, Ram Gopal Varma did not think it cost more than 2 thousand. At the same time, Shefali Sharma also narrated an anecdote about her outfit. She said that new sarees used to arrive for her, but she did not want to wear new sarees. Due to which he asked the director to bring only a used saree for him. Shefali wears her saree and jewelery in many scenes of the film.

Saurabh Shukla also said about his outfit that his outfit was the most expensive. According to the actor, his costume came from Tamil Nadu. He had a lungi. She was a Brahmin Lungi who came from Tamil Nadu. It was the most expensive dress. The price of which was 3500 rupees. At the same time, Urmila’s costume in the film was designed by Manish Malhotra.

A lot of hard work was done behind the film

In which Chakraborty has made many important explanations related to the shooting of the film. Chakraborty says, ‘The film has completed 25 years. A lot has changed since this film. Satya was an amazing film. We saw Don in an overcoat in the movies. But the credit for creating the real world of the underworld goes to Ram Gopal Varma. A lot of hard work was done for the film.

After the film became a hit, many people approached me with offers to make prequels and sequels. But I refused him. I am not in favor of this. Satya is a once-in-a-lifetime film and I don’t feel like making such a film now. Satya was going to be a flop as soon as it was released. But within few days the film gained momentum and became a super hit.

Made on a budget of only 2.5 crores, the film earned 18 crore 47 lakh rupees in India. At the same time, the film earned 18 crore 59 lakh 75 thousand rupees worldwide. All these figures are taken from the Box Office India site.

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