Radhika Apte recalls being advised to enlarge breasts

Radhika Apte Interview: Radhika Apte is a famous Bollywood actress. The world is crazy about her strong acting. He plays all kinds of characters very well. But you will be shocked to know the revelation made by the actress. She said that in the early days of her career, she was a victim of body shaming in the industry. She was advised to fix her nose and increase her breast size. He even had to miss out on the film due to his weight gain!

Radhika Apte, 37, has tried her hand from village girl to urban characters and comedies. She recalled in an interview with Film Companion how she was told that she had to change her look if she wanted to succeed.

Film lost due to weight

Radhika Apte said, ‘I lost a film because I was three or four kilos overweight. Of course, when you’re new they say, ‘Why don’t you fix your nose? Why don’t you enlarge your breasts? This happened in the beginning. Even halfway through, some people comment on your body as if it’s their right… now because of awareness in the last few years we can talk about it very openly. We can say, ‘If you say that to me again, I’ll make sure you at least get out of this project’.

After seeing Kangana Ranaut’s post, fans asked who is the lucky person?

‘Typecasting also has to be faced’

The actress also said that even though she plays different characters, she fears being typecast. ‘Perceptions are very strange,’ she says. People thought I would be a village girl for the longest time till I did Badlapur. After Badlapur, people thought I can only do sex comedy, I can strip. So, I stopped. I never said yes to him.

‘Mrs Undercover’ will be streamed on April 14

Radhika will next be seen in Zee5’s Mrs Undercover, in which she plays a housewife who is also an undercover detective. This comedy-thriller is directed by Anushree Mehta. It also stars Sumit Vyas and Rajesh Sharma. The film will be streamed on April 14.

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