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Taali Web Series Review: Salute to Sushmita Sen’s work, powerful performance

‘Taali’… a web series based on the life of transgender Sri Gauri Sawant has been released on the OTT platform Jio Cinema. In this web series, Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has tried to show the important aspects of the life of social activist Shri Gauri Sawant. He has tried to bring the questions that arise in the minds of transgenders in front of everyone. He has tried to show on screen the hardships faced by Srigauri Sawant in his journey from Ganesha to Gauri. But, the question is whether this web series based on the life of a transgender should be watched? So read the review given here.

The story of the web series

When a child is born parents ask the doctor… is it a boy or a girl… something similar happened to Gauri. When he was born, the doctor told his parents that a son had been born. The parents started dancing happily. From an early age, the son Ganesha began to be forced to do everything that according to society a boy should do. But Ganesha’s mind started wandering after seeing the bangles. She began to like Barbie dolls, not video games. When Ganesha’s truth was revealed to his father, he threw him out of the house.

Ganesha, who always lived under the umbrella of his parents, went astray. His father performed his last rites while he was alive. What will happen next? Where will it go? How will he fight with society? When and why Ganesha will become Gauri? You have to watch the web series to know all this.

There is little to praise for Sushmita Sen

Web series producers Arjun Singh Baran and Karatak D Nishandar will have to show courage. He not only offered former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen the role of a transgender but also convinced her to play the role. Sushmita Sen has done a more commendable job than what Arjun and Kartak have done by casting Sushmita.

This is the reason why to portray the story of a transgender, Sushmita Sen had to not only act in this web series but also adopt a look that hardly any other actress would have agreed to. He gained weight, dropped the glamor and even showed a beard on his face in some places. He impressed people so much with his looks that people started calling him ‘Chakka’ as soon as they saw the poster of ‘Taali’.

The dialogues of the web series sound slapdash

Apart from Sushmita Sen, Nitish Rathore, Ankur Bhatia, Aishwarya Narkar, Hemangi Kavi and Suvrat Joshi have also done amazing work. Kshitij Patwardhan has written excellent and heart touching dialogues. These dialogues hit you like a big slap on the face. And the audio editors have done a wonderful job on Sushmita Sen’s voice. While retaining Sushmita’s original voice, he has modulated it in such a way that it sounds truly masculine.

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A bit of a mess here

There are six episodes of ‘Taali’. Each episode is about 30 minutes long. That means the entire series is only three hours long. But, there was very little emotional drama in these three hours. 30 minutes is over as soon as an episode starts building atmosphere. Also misses the connect somewhere at the end of the episode. In such a situation, the web series cannot tie the knot it should. Many events have happened in the life of Shri Gauri Sawant. But those events are not so well depicted. Somewhere in this the mistake of the director and music director is visible.

To watch or not?

In the year 2019, the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act was brought. But even after four years, transgenders are not seen as equals. That’s why everyone should watch this web series. They should see that transgenders are not made just for applause. They can also work like our common people. The series is as important to the general public as it is to transgenders. Because even today there are some transgenders in the country who consider it their job to clap at the birth of a child and ask for money on the train.

Who is Mr. Gauri Sawant on whom this web series is based?

Now let’s tell about the people on whom this web series is made. Mr. Gauri Sawant is a transgender social worker. She has been working for the welfare of destitute eunuchs for the past several years. It was Mr. Gowri who filed the first affidavit in court for transgender identity in 2009. Only after hearing this petition, the Supreme Court gave legal recognition to transgenders.

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