Ban on ‘Adipurush’ in Kathmandu from today, ban on all Hindi films

Janaki’s Bharat ki Beti dialogue in the film Adipurush is not taking the name of stopping the commotion. The word India was being muted in this dialogue in the cinema halls of Nepal. But after India was not removed in the original sound of the film itself, a Tughlaki decree has been issued banning the screening of any Hindi film in Kathmandu from today (Monday).

In fact, Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Sah on Sunday issued a directive to all cinema hall and multiplex owners in the city to ban the screening of any Hindi film. On the other hand, the Nepal government has opposed the mayor’s Tughlaq order to ban the screening of all Hindi films on the pretext of Adipurush.

Nepal government protested

The Ministry of Information and Communication has registered its serious objection on behalf of the Government of Nepal to this order of Mayor Ballen. A statement issued by the ministry has declared any kind of ban on the screening of all films including Adipurush as illegal.

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Controversy over the film’s dialogue

In fact, even before the release of the film Adipurush in Nepal, there was controversy and protest over the dialogue of calling Janaki the daughter of India. After this, the Censor Board of Nepal allowed the word India to be muted from the disputed dialogue. But the mayor of Kathmandu demanded the producer of Adipurush to remove that dialogue from the original film. Balen Sah said that if the dialogues of the original film are not removed within three days, no Hindi film will be allowed to play in Kathmandu.

Order not to play Hindi film

Let us tell you that Adipurush released on Friday is playing house full in all theaters of Nepal including Kathmandu. But the mayor has issued an order not to screen any Hindi film, including Adipurush, in cinemas and multiplexes in Kathmandu from Monday. On the other hand, on the instructions of the Mayor, the Kathmandu Police has instructed all the theaters not to play Hindi films. The police have said that a lockdown will be imposed along with fines for violating the instructions.

It is unfair to ban the exhibition

It is not appropriate to object to the Censor Board of Nepal removing the word India and issuing a broadcast certificate. A Censor Board has been formed by the government to decide which film will play in Nepal or not and it takes the final decision in such disputes. That is why it is inappropriate to talk of stopping operations by going illegally outside the jurisdiction.

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