72 songs in a single film, no one has been able to break the record of this film for 91 years

72 Songs in Film: Many years ago, songs were used in films not only to entertain the audience but also to carry the story forward. However, many times after a plethora of songs in films, only one word comes out of the mouth – Baap Re! How many songs are there? But did you know that there is a Bollywood film which had 72 songs, not 5 or 6? Not only that, no film has been able to break the record of this film till date. Know the interesting facts related to this film.

Even after 90 years, the record has not been broken

This film was released in the 30’s ie almost 9 decades ago. It has been 91 years since the release of this film. But even after all these years no one could break the record of this film. The name of this film is ‘Indrasabha’ which was released in the year 1932.

72 songs in one film

‘Indrasabha Film’ is the only film which has so many songs that it broke the records of all films. Among the 72 songs were 9 thumris, 31 ghazals, 13 variety songs, 4 Holi songs, 5 chhands, 5 chaubalas and remaining 5 general songs.

Disha Patani Wearing a 2.3 lakh saree, Hasina cast a spell on Husn, the look will make you sweat!

Lead role

The film featured Jahanara and Mr. Nisar in lead roles. These stars were very popular at that time. Jahanara was an actor as well as a singer. Few people would know that ‘Indrasabha’ was the first sound film. While ‘Almaara’ was the first talking Indian film.

A constantly changing trend

After the film ‘Indrasabha’, the trend of films kept changing. At that time there were many songs in films, but now there are few songs in films. People don’t even like to watch movies with back to back songs anymore.

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